Girlfriend Is Just Like A Wife #TNNS383

Episode #383

French Reggy claims that he speaks many languages and therefore deserves a pass for destroying English most of the time. Then he proceeds to recite the hook of Lady Marmalade as proof that he is fluent.

French Reggy wants to know who has to make a best first impression. Obviously, women can make five bad impressions. Dumb dudes will still keep her. In fact, many dudes are running around here married to women that they shouldn't even love. But what is the formula for marriage? Is marriage a dead institution? I happen to think that marriage should only be attempted in certain almost extreme situations. In fact, if you aren't best friends, you need not apply. Here's a tip, just treat your girlfriend like a wife.

Jamie Mack thinks two mentally ill people should not have children. Is he trying to create a super race or trying to cut down on bad babies? Either way, this is probably a reason to tune in. What train is he riding on when he talks about the mentally ill?...


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