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Ghosts In Them Thar Lakes

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Ghosts In Them Thar Lakes

The No Nonsense Show Episode #676

Jamie Mack got lost on Lake Lanier and French Reggy thanks the lord that the Ghosts of Lake Lanier didn’t get Jamie Mack. He actually does have a history with the lake. It took one of his childhood buddies and he has never returned. Fast forward to years later, French has fallen for the ghost stories that have popped up over time. Did I mention that he totally believes there is a nefarious spirit alive under the surface of the Lanier Waters? So of course we need to hear about this.

If you were able to increase your social standing by allowing the government to track your every move, would you do it? China is putting in place a social credit system that asks citizens to open up their life, phone usage, facial recognition, neighbor spying, etc. in order to prove they are worthy citizens. The better you are the higher you score and there are rewards for scoring higher. Sadly, there are also penalties for scoring poorly. I see this as a way to increase your family stock by sacrificing a little privacy.

Jamie Mack thinks that even good humans are not above taking advantage of others. He thinks it is in our nature to use people as a default. Of course, French Reggy and I push back. Smooth tries to convince us that he can get married tomorrow if he chose to…choosing between multiple women.

Ghosts In Them Thar Lakes #TNNS676

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