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Ghosting Is My Break-up Style

The No Nonsense Show Episode #604

Quickly, we discuss how fast one of us can get off topic when another host triggers an argument. Last episode my stance on BLM was marred by French Reggy being such a distraction. We have to do better.

Remorseless joins us for a little Fatten Jaye Up With Knowledge.

French Reggy must be smitten with someone. Recently, it seems like many of his topics are about settling down, marriage, and women's feelings. HE is in the right place to learn. We have been taught well by the likes of Dr. Dre, 8 Ball & MJG, and Akinyele.

Speaking of influences, French Reggy's mentor goes on a deep dive about engagement and how to love from a distance. Literally...ghosting is his break up of choice.

Ghosting Is My Break-up Style #TNNS604

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