Getting Promoted To Customer #TNNS371

Episode #371
Jamie Mack loves being on vacation but hates going back to work after the vacation is over. He almost would rather never take any vacation days so that he will never get the complete let-down he experienced at the end of his most recent vacay. The very first day, within the first hour, he couldn't believe that he had been doing this every day for so long. How do we as humans, justify the amount of life that we give up for a paycheck? Collecting unemployment is looking better and better every day. So here is to everyone getting promoted to customer. There is nowhere to go but fired.
French Reggy reveals more of his softer side. He wonders if women are only soft because of socialization. Would a woman raised to be a man act and react to the world just like a man? Jamie Mack agrees. His son has had a good life and is ready to accept losses when it comes to fights. Is this the reverse of what Reggy is talking about? But leave it to Jamie MAck to flip the flop and begin making sexist comments. We will leave it up to you....


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