Get Your Lips Off Of My Daughter #TNNS362

Episode #362
Jamie Mack is still floating on cloud 9about his Philadelphia Eagles. We must give proper respect to his team. They played in an exciting Super Bowl with record-breaking yards and scoring. Okay. Nuff said…
No French Reggy this week and Jaye Smooth is so happy. He wastes no time to propose that Reggy got turned into a goat while in Haiti. If nothing else, he will be returning to the states in a kennel.
Finally to our topics, Jamie Mack felt uncomfortable because his teenage daughter;’s boyfriend came to watch a movie with them. Mack looks over and sees his arm draped over his daughter. Then at the end of the night, he had to listen as his daughter and this young guy kissed. Jamie Mack is not ready. He feels like it isn't appropriate for young people to be so forward in front of their parents. How much should you allow your kids to get away with in front of you? Is it better to be the cool dad or the uptight dad? Just wait until you catch her having sex.
Bullies are everywhere. Have bullies changed over the years? Has social media changed the way we get bullied now? Probably. Here is a tip for people being bullied…sit down somewhere, especially if the bully is crazy. 
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