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Gay Ears

The No Nonsense Show Episode #643

Remorseless sends us his PREMIUM competition submission and immediately takes the crown. Jamie Mack lets us know that French has been training for this very day and assures us that in the next few weeks we will see the wrath of French.

French recently learned that ears can forecast a person's sexual preference. Quite possibly the most Haitian thing French has ever said. And he brings his mom into it. So...Does ear shape play a part in who you sleep with? Perhaps it does. I will say this, if you are trying to hide in plain sight, don't wear the uniform and cover your ears.

French and other grown men recently sat around a bonfire and talked about regretting their first romantic encounters. Yep, you read that correctly. Many men are regretful about their losing their virginity. If there is anything that we learned from this topic, it is that we are the coolest people French has in his life.

Mack is known to find the positives of the American slave situation. He has found something that has revolutionized his view of slavery. In Asia several fortune 500 companies have begun using monkeys as employees. PETA is pissed. Mack is intrigued.

Gay Ears #TNNS643

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