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Funk Ninjas #BOBS033

Black On Both Sides
Funk Ninjas #BOBS033

Episode #33

This episode is a little different than the normal BOBS. We discuss little politics and instead get into the issue of integrity. How important is integrity? How much money would it take for you to dance? What about TI? What about Floyd? What about Jay-Z? What about Jussie? What about Kaep? Last but not least, what about Steve?

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  1. Lisa

    Hey guys, great discussion as always. Here’s my 2cent on what I remember.
    Jayz= Good example to use, sorry to mention astrology as I often do but he’s a Sagg-A fire sign-so I’m not surprised. They seem to commonly be good people.
    Totally agree on the judges taking or not taking recommendations, you never know how they’re feeling (that day).
    Totally surprised by Jussie info. So what was the motive? I heard a music video mentioned, was this new music buzz? I thought Liam Neeson’s “buzz” method was the worst so far this year but I guess not. And what a way to mix up a black and white woman calling Robin Roberts, Diane Sawyer lol
    Monique-If she was black balled in Hollywood it was by the white people for giving her an Oscar for the role of such a horrible person. Some roles seem to make coming back from difficult, just ask the actors who played brilliantly as Joffrey or Ramsey Bolton. Monique’s case is a little different but you see what I mean.
    On this integrity question, I am stuck a little. I’d say without a doubt mine has no price, I’m not doing or going along with anything I don’t believe in or think is wrong for some money. But I also have to think of all the times I’ve said “that sh*t has nothing to do with me” where money was involved liked hustling. So its a tough question but I think my integrity is concrete and not malleable….for the most part lol

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