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Full House In The Big House #BOBS037

Black On Both Sides
Full House In The Big House #BOBS037

Episode #37

In the age of the internet, privilege has begun to be reeled in. Well, only white privilege. Apparently we are pretending that college isn’t big business now. Kunta thinks it is extremely criminal for the Hollywood parents to have bribed or paid to allow their kids access to top notch schools. Were their kids dumb? Yes. Did they pay to get accepted? Yes. Is that privilege? Yes. Doesn’t everyone utilize their privilege? YES!

Either way, these loving but privileged moms and dads will be asking for clemency to see their kids graduate.

The Senate votes down the national emergency for the wall. Trump vetos this. What did you expect? This wall is getting built. Accept it now…accept it later.

Kunta is proud that at least one white person gets it. Gavin Newsome, California’s Governor has ended the death penalty saving many lives. That is almost as good as when Donald Trump and Kim K pardoned the black lady.

New Zealand’s shooter flashed the white power symbol and stated that Trump has renewed white supremacy’s identity. KingKunta feels like White supremacy is on the uptick. But I think we may be premature on the sky falling callout.

Gavin Newsome ends Cali death penalty.
NZ shooter. Manifesto praises trump as a renewed symbol of white identity and common purpose. Shooter flashed white power symbol .

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