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From Now On I’m Smashing Raw Dawg #TNNS95 with guest Kit

Wife sharing a bed with boss on business trips
Women who require an orgasm every time
New condoms change colors when they come in contact with disease

We start the show off with Drama From A Follower. This time we discuss a person who is dealing with their wife going on business trips with her boss. To cut costs she books them one room which they share. At least one time, he has seen a receipt for a room with one King sized bed. She promises that they aren’t having sex. We discuss what we think about this.
Next, we speak about women requiring that they have an orgasm every time they have sex. The goal is that both people orgasm but with the difficulty of making some women orgasm, we discuss whether or not this is feasible. Nicki Minaj was interviewed by Cosmopolitan Magazine. She states that this is a requirement.
Last we talk about condoms that change colors when they come into contact with certain sexually transmitted diseases. This is the dawning of a new free sex age. I am getting a box of these things so that I can do it raw dawg from this point on. First time condom…All Clear? RAW DAWG!
Oh and Jaye Smooth eats the box with his booty in the air! Don’t know why?!?...


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