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Frolicking All The Live Long Day

The No Nonsense Show Episode #578

As the virus rages on, French Reggy didn't realize how much carnage was being had. He wants to know how soon we will be able to make Corona jokes. Uhhh. To be fair, young Reg has not been watching any news for fear of having a bad day. So he has no idea what the current climate is. To prove this he is spending several spring days with another young fellow in hi neighborhood. They frolic together, all the live long day without a care for social distancing.

It gets real, though, when I question how much of a chance he thinks the virus will severely affect him. Mack thinks he should be fine. Reg is positive that he will be fine. But watch how the winds switch when I ask them to give up their corona hospital bed.

What is it with Mack and serial killing contract hitmen? We need to watch him more closely. He wants to know how we feel about a contract killer wifing our daughters.

Question The Nonsense

Question The Nonsense

Posted by The Nononsense Show on Thursday, April 2, 2020

Frolicking All The Live Long Day #TNNS578

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