French Reggy’s Mind Is Gaping #TNNS365

Episode #365

French Reggy starts the show off with a song. But we need to address the elephant in the room. Last week, Smooth went a little hard on Reggy. This is Reggy’s time to clap back. Ehhhh. I will let you decide. Reggy chalks it all up to having an open mind. He brings us some of the strongest Kool-Aid we have ever tasted. Haitian Kool-Aid has alcohol in it.

Jamie Mack is not willing to die for any material item. In fact, there are many non-material items that he also would not die for. If you are on the business end of a robbery, what would you be willing to die for? You can replace material things. Can you replace dignity and respect? Can you replace your wife's reproductive opening?Somewhere along the way, French Reggy's expertise in the phallus of the world's inhabitants comes up. He has done research in this field. HIs advice is to keep an open (gaping) mind.

Sustainability is a common hot button for most people in the modern era. Most of us pay attention to the ways that we hurt the universe, but most of us are not really willing to change our lives very much to do our part. I watched a movie recently where a scientist found a way to shrink people and thus completely affect their footprint. How far would you go to do your part? Shrink to 12cm tall?

Nathin Nice calls in and it is hard to tell that he has stopped his extracurriculars.

French Reggy is fresh from Haiti and obviously is continuing to hold feelings about the president's opinion of Haiti. He feels like beauty is in the eye of the beholder. And because of that, no matter what anyone thinks, Haiti is beautiful. Jaye Smooth starts in on Reggy but then starts taking the subject personally. Off the rails, we go.



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