French Reggy Wishes He Was Born In Our Time Zone #TNNS385

Episode #385

Jamie Mack wants to talk about flexers on social media. Only in 2018 can black people who claim to be so real, allow these little non-black girls to get so much attention. Meanwhile, y'all are calling out Bruno Mars. Is that the same energy? French Reggy 9is disgraced by his people and wants gatekeepers to provide protection from this. I don't like gatekeepers, but something has to change. Because of this, we call Reggy out about how he doesn't stick up for millennials or black people. Jaye Smooth exposes Reggy for wishing he was born in our time zone. The 70s. I refuse to edit that. You fatten him up.

Kaya submitted the topic asking us if we feel like humans have an innate moral compass or are we guided by the need to survive? The religious people on the show can't even agree. So I have to break it down for them.



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