French Reggy Went Gay On A Bidet #TNNS410

French Reggy Went Gay On A Bidet #TNNS410

French Reggy Went Gay On A Bidet #TNNS410
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Episode #410

Nonsense everywhere….even on our show because The person that sets up our show order (Jamie Mack) was too high to actually set up the show. Luckily, Jaye Smooth had to finally weigh in. He promised the viewers he would be in the nude but one got his pants off before breaking the scale. Needless to say, he lost the bet.

I want to discuss the 1%. They are getting richer and we are getting poorer. Just ask all the media talking heads. How would you feel if I was to tell you that most of us are in the 1%. If you consider the whole world and you make more than 34,000 you will be surprised which side of the 1% you are actually on.

Meanwhile, French Reggy discovered Bidets and now understands how men can be gay. Yes, I didn’t stutter. He understands. So this starts us down a long walk to Reggy’s Awakening (make sure you tune in to the Friday show).

Nathan Nice writes in to tell us about his non-racist Jesus moment. Spoiler alert: Jesus is white.

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