French Reggy May Not Get Back In The US #TNNS467

French Reggy May Not Get Back In The US #TNNS467
The No Nonsense Show

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FRENCH REGGY IS LEAVING!!! Yep. French Reggy is leaving us for at least a year. He has a job opportunity in China and he can’t pass it up. How could we possibly let him get away with no jokes? For instance, Is this a ploy to get Reggy out of the country to revoke his citizenship on the way back? What about that forever gonorrhea they have over there?

Mack wants to know if toxic masculinity is women’s fault? can their expectations of how men should be, fuel our every move? And what is this alpha male thing that everyone claims exists between men? Who is admitting to being a beta? Oddly enough, someone raises their hand. We are going to miss you, French!

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