French Reggy Is My Favorite Foreigner #TNNS384

Episode #384

No B-Honest for a full 10 minutes at the beginning of the show. So Jaye Smooth has room to talk. Jaye Smooth never met a word he didn't like. French Reggy went to a 4/20 event in D.C. and he tells us about the festival. I have never gotten a high massage, but Reggy did. Of course, Jaye SMooth wants to know if he got his massage face up or face down.

Jamie Mack brings up whooping kids again. Why is it wrong to beat your kids today?  I believe we as a people have evolved past physical torture. I am alone.

Jamie Mack also has come into contact with a lot of foreigners. He doesn't like black people, but he now found a new race of people he likes less. All I know is that Reggy is my favorite foreigner....


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