French Reggy Is Afraid To Be The Bull #TNNS445

French Reggy Is Afraid To Be The Bull #TNNS445

Episode #445

Because Baylor The Great helped us host the Tuesday show, we forgot to welcome French Reggy back. Welcome back, French. It turns out, his car wasn't in that bad of shape. If his car crash was equivalent to a flesh wound, it wouldn't even need a band-aid. Welcome back, anyway.

How much money does French Reggy make? Let's put it this way...He thinks that it is okay for his woman to be the breadwinner. Should women be the breadwinners? Can women be the breadwinners? He went to a party recently and met a mediocre woman that makes 72k a year as a SnapChat premium Thot. I believe this as much as I believe that Jaye Smooth has had sex with 300 women.

French Reggy is judging these women. He would never let his girl be the breadwinner if it required her to show her body off to strangers. He also wouldn't involve himself in a cuckold situation. You're gonna love the reason why...He is afraid that he will fall in love with the guy's wife. So he would only do it if the woman is ugly. This will be one of those shows that fuel our jokes for weeks to come.


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