French Reggy is a Little Plant

French Reggy is a Little Plant

The No Nonsense Show - A Funny Experiment In Black Experience
French Reggy is a Little Plant

The No Nonsense Show Episode #748

Take 2 for this week. We had some difficulty getting you the original episode. So we just bit the bullet and recorded again. Luckily we got Mack on this episode. Why was he not going to be on the episode, you ask? Oh…because he caught the VID…again. This dude can’t stay away from his family. And his family always has the VID. Since we are remote, we got a chance to see his pretty face without catching the bugs.

Inadvertently, this turns into a smoke session of sorts because French and Mack light up immediately. No wonder we started talking about the various weird trips that we (not me) have been on. This gets us to why French is a little plant. Sadly, this is literal.

French Reggy is a Little Plant #TNNS748

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