French Reggy Has T-Rex Syndrome #TNNS470

French Reggy Has T-Rex Syndrome #TNNS470

Episode #470

French Reggy has one note when he yells. No matter how loud he screams, the same note comes out. Why can't this man articulate and hold it? But that isn't the best part of the intro. French Reggy has an inability to hold still while shaving. The cold winds of the north (north of Haiti) cause him to shiver uncontrollably. He calls it T-Rex syndrome. I call it millennials.

Jamie Mack wants to know whether or not hanging around unhappy people destroys your happiness. Jaye Smooth feels like arguing this one. He feels like pitiful people attract pitiful people. And maybe if Jamie Mack is only encountering pitiful people, it is because of him.

French Reggy wants to go deep. Sadly, by this time the weed has mostly worn off. So he only goes puddle deep. But puddles are relative. Is time travel possible? And if so, is it only through the mind? Reggy believes that we will soon be traversing through the space time continuum by just closing our eyes and clicking our heels. What's a puddle to a tardigrade?


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