French Reggy Is A Giver And A Taker #TNNS339

French Reggy Is A Giver And A Taker #TNNS339

French Reggy and the Millennial's are player fans not team fans. This is his rationale for being a Lebron fan, but not being a Cavs fan. Where the old school at? We rode for teams.  Either way, we convince Reggy to go hang out where the other Lebron fans go?Bulldogs. He should have some good stories when he comes back from there.

Jamie Mack is willing to do almost anything for a free meal. This includes pretending that he has HIV/AIDS. Before you get too shocked, remember this is the guy who ate a 60 dollar meal and tipped coins (less than a dollar). French Reggy uses this time to fatten Jaye up with a college course on determining the median listener of our show. It is amazing how much Smooth and Reggy are alike. Smooth may or may not have been stationed in Haiti 23 years ago.

Speaking of millennials, Reggy decides to offer how there is no difference between pitching and catching in a gay relationship. French Reggy is such a giver. French Reggy is such a taker.

Next French Reggy wants to know how selfish a man should be when trying to realize his dreams. What is the priority? Strong woman or Strong paycheck first? Jaye Smooth thinks this is his opportunity to school Young French. Quote, "A Good Woman Is Easy To Find" ~ Jaye Smooth.

Good luck, Reggy. I think that a man at his age should say "yes" as much as possible.



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