French Reggy Fires Up The Sugar Cane Train #TNNS291

French Reggy Fires Up The Sugar Cane Train #TNNS291

Jamie Mack believes that southern police officers are the nicest ones in the country. You do have to admit that New York and L.A. have had lots of incidents that prove how messed up their forces are. Mack has gotten out of more tickets in the south than any other region. There is some truth to this. Southern hospitality is real. What they don’t tell you is that just behind their brow, they still hate you to death and probably just want you to step a little out of line so they can billy club you…or worse. French Reggy decides to hijack the coon train from Mack and repeats something probably said by the All Lives initiative.

I try to move to defining male and female roles around the house. French Reggy wants to continue showing how he holds white people in high regard. In any event, taking out the trash may be considered a man job. Cooking may seem like a woman’s role. But how do we really feel about it? French Reggy once again feels the need to throw us under the bus. Jamie Mack is a little upset because he didn’t let him borrow the coon train. Reggy is on his own train. He throws some paint on it...Gets more coal and fires it up. I call this the Sugar Cane Train.

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