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The Freaks Come Out At The Oscars #MLL018

Music Love Life
Music Love Life
The Freaks Come Out At The Oscars #MLL018

Episode #18

Safaree’s trending unsolicited but welcomed fruit and veggies pic makes Christal look like a hypocrite.

B-Honest informs her that women are exempt from bad kitty pics even if they are meat curtains.

Kevin is a picky eater when it comes to cunnilingus and requires a neat package.

B-honest wins the freak level contest scoring an 8 over Kevin’s hesitant 7 and Christal’s 6.5.

The gang is inspired by Will Smith but not Chris Gardner.

The Oscars create tension as Kevin roots for everybody black.

Christal says Oprah gave a hint that Jordan Peele would win Best Director.

B-Honest says “Get Out” was not Oscar-worthy but it was better than Black Panther.

Christal instructs Kevin to take B-Honest’s black card until further notice and he lowers her freak number to 4, unless she can convince her boyfriend to have a threesome after the show.

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  1. New listener

    Late comment but it was interesting that Christal thought of the Revenant movie as a good film and the same little interesting director’s movie won for best picture (a shape of water)
    Sex with a bear now with an alien fish, what’s his problem?
    Get out taking best original screenplay was fair.
    And guessing Kristal freak number, I’d say a respectful 7.

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