Forgive No One, Trust No One #TNNS436

Episode #436

Jamie Mack and French Reggy are dressed alike. Not with the same colors or even the same style. I guess I should say they are doing the same thing with their clothes. I am eating and look around to see Jaye Smooth and no one else. The other hosts had snuck off to get ready for the show. They came back in looking Chinese and Reggy, for some reason,  was mirroring Mack. 

Reggy climbs back down from the clouds to talk to us about forgiveness. Is it possible to forgive someone no matter their charge? He would like to just forget it happened. I am trying to be zen but get conflicted once we play Welder 559er's voicemail. I think in my aged wisdom, I may have lost sympathy for the duckery (yes I mispeeled that on purpose).

Jamie Mack has obviously had many jobs and many personalities in his short lifetime. Obviously, one of those was an untrustworthy one. He makes some statement about finding out that someone doesn't trust him and then not being able to trust that person as a result of that. I don't think he understands how trust works. Give to get, Mack. Give to get.


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