Forever Gonorrhea #TNNS468

French is headed for China. We get a little deeper for the premium. Things to be aware of including forever gonorrhea. In China, not only do you have gonorrhea, but you have it forever. There is no cure. Well, at least that is what Jamie Mack says. Jaye Smooth says that he wouldn't tell anybody. He would just tell women that it is sweet nectar.

No Nonsense reluctantly has to weigh in on Liam Neeson and his transgressions towards black people. Jamie Mack calls BS and most of us agree. So, even if you are willing to snitch on yourself and talk about the flaws in human social interaction, we have to cancel you? Pass me up.

French Reggy thinks that white people are more prone to tell a complete stranger their entire life story. I wonder if the Chinese are so forthcoming.


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