Flirting Without Your Wedding Ring #TNNS325

Episode #TNNS325

I have found spiritual enlightenment and I want to spread it with the world like a soft case of herpes. Actually, I just want to make fun of Chopra-like sayings. How does he keep getting money? Jamie Mack supports him. Anyway, Mack is wondering how important we take self preservation. Are we willing to do anything to survive? For the past few weeks we have had a recurring theme of health and health conscious things. Jamie Mack won’t go vegan, but he will take a all-in-one healthy pill. O Dubb is a new vegan and refuses to be a Okra Box Preacher. Give him 3 months and he will be downtown like an israelite, preaching the vegan word.

After getting my head blown up last weekend by a cute chick, I want to know how far flirting should go. An occasional smile all the way to hugs at work. Which things are okay and which things will have you paying out alimony?...


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