Fit The Eff In and Figure It Out #TNNS491

Fit The Eff In and Figure It Out #TNNS491

Episode #491

Jamie Mack shows up fresh from the doctor. He was diagnosed with adult allergy asthma. But guess what that hasn’t deterred him from? Well, honestly tonight he is flying a little differently and it may be the first time I have ever seen something lift his wings.

Nonetheless, he wants to discuss being an old pervert. What age do men get creepy? Or have they always been creepy? Actually, what is creepy about men wanting to be with women…or even lusting after them? Do we have any control over that?

I want to discuss a message from an orator that most black people don’t want to hear a message from. How many black people were able to hear the message Bill Cosby tried to present in his pound cake speech? Not many. Well, this guy gets just as little love as the Cozz when it comes to telling black people about their ish. I take it a step farther and want everyone to know YES the game is rigged. And YES the rules may not always be in your favor. But please understand that you are playing the game whether you want to or not. So are you going to fit in and figure it out? Or stand out and be pushed out?

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