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Finding Friends On Pornhub

Finding Friends On Pornhub

The No Nonsense Show Episode #577

Still recording from remote locations we go over the craziest story we have heard about since being quarantined. We have a call-in guest from the archives tell us about her peril in the pandemic.

Jamie Mack thinks that everyone should be okay with browsing through a amateur porno site and seeing one of your friends there. What would you do? Finish the deed? Share and share alike? Take notes?

Jamie Mack wants us to figure out which of our fellow hosts we would mind seeing the least. Jaye Smooth read the topic wrong and just blurts out which Slack member he would want to see least. From here, we have a downhill battle with ignorance and Jaye Smooth is in the driver’s seat. If anyone wants his address, I can provide as long as you are willing to record video.

Finding Friends On Pornhub #TNNS577

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