You are currently viewing Find A Ratchet That Is Ready To Change And Get Married #TNNS151

Find A Ratchet That Is Ready To Change And Get Married #TNNS151

Find A Ratchet That Is Ready To Change And Get Married #TNNS151

Straight Lives Matter
Why did I get married
Perverted Role Play

I give an open comment to the gay community. I will no longer provide support until two of your most recent applicants are ostracized and you guys publicly denounce them. Everyone is saying that we are not under attack, but the new face of Louis Vuitton Women is definitely an attack of some kind. It is an attack on my intelligence. #straightliveematters

Jaye Smooth only had one job and that was to come up with at least one topic per show. A small price to pay for the fame with which the show rewards him. I mean, we have listeners in Thailand and South Africa. Nobody cared about Jaye Smooth before this show. But he feels that it is okay to submit talking points that are baseless and not very well thought out.

Finally, we get it out of him that he just submits whatever comes to mind. And week after week, his topic is going to be a freestyle. Eventually figures out what he wants to talk about. But by this time we have exhausted so much energy, that we just went along with it. He wants to talk about what made us decide to settle down and which compromises we are willing to deal with. To sum it up, Jaye Smooth needs to find a ratchet and tie the knot.

Last we discuss whether or not liking the Catholic school girl outfit is pervy. What about all of the other role play type costumes? Is this one really that different? Role Play Costumes are just symbolism.  Jaye Smooth wants to know if we have ever paid attention to horse vagina. Well, how about a dog vagina? Don't ask why because I don't know.

We also talk about the myths that white girls are more into choking and black guys not eating coochie. Jamie Mack thinks most white guys eat bloody. Yuck!...


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