Episode #536 People that speak about themselves in 3rd person are not good people. I wanted to say something else but this post is PG-13. Jaye Smooth is always referring to himself in 3rd person. You connect the dots. Baylor The Great joins the show from Hollywood...home of dudes having to date actresses. How can you trust a woman paid to fool people.

Baylor has been taking flights on the daily. We need to address this.

We need to address the possibility of Smooth being a faithful guy and how he can change it all over night.

French Reggy sends in a topic about ADHD. He wants to know why he sees no cases of ADHD in China. Are their kids Tylenol free? Or is ADHD discipline curable? Our local neighborhood ADHD sufferer jumps in to prove the disease is real.

fAkeDHD #TNNS536


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