You are currently viewing Fake Confidence For Fat People #TNNS101 with guest Snowflake

Fake Confidence For Fat People #TNNS101 with guest Snowflake

The difference between bi-racial and mixed
People who post video messages about confidence, but aren't confident
Sexual misconduct; with a co-worker; In a meeting; While you're married

We start the show off with a rant from Jamie Mack. Dino Red from the Shiznit Show (Red Rock Podcast Network) called in and left a voicemail about the difference between Bi-Racial and Mixed. In the voicemail, Dino calls out Jamie Mack for his misunderstanding of the situation. Jamie Mack retorts that the confusion is on Dino’s side.

Next, we watch a video of a young lady that is claiming that she is coming out of the self-shame closet and is totally okay with her weight. This quickly turns into self-deprecation.

View the video here. We discuss fake confidence. Snowflake takes offense to all of the words being thrown around about this woman. She battles us with  Jaye Smooth as a YES man. Somehow she merges her disdain for O Dubb’s last couple of shows. We have to stop and discuss this topic before coming back to the confidence issue. How do you feel about the video? Jamie Mack has a tip for overcoming confidence and it involves trickery.
Last we discuss a woman who has been flirting with a co-worker for 15 years. Just recently, she took her relationship to another level and allowed the co-worker to perform finger sex on her during a meeting. If she weren't married, it might not be such a big deal. If her friends weren't telling her that it isn't sex, it might be okay. She needs help deciding what to do. We don't mind helping her.



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