You are currently viewing Why Facebook Only Shows Jaye Smooth Gay Ads #TNNS275

Why Facebook Only Shows Jaye Smooth Gay Ads #TNNS275

Why Facebook Only Shows Jaye Smooth Gay Ads #TNNS275

Jaye Smooth vows to never eat just before the show again. That way he doesn’t have to excuse himself to clean his colon. Unfortunately our studio is just on the other side of the wall from the bathroom. So it will benefit us as well.

I want to talk about how stupid our smartphones make us. Not only are our phones making us biased and one sided. Everything from our purchases to our searches online form a personality database about us. Then we are sent ads and articles that fit our already established point of view. We rarely ever get to see the other side of the argument represented. The only way to make sure you get well balanced ads and article is to throw off the bot by searching things that you don’t agree with. Jaye Smooth will have to start looking at straight porn so that his ads will not be gay biased.

Jaye Smooth wants to talk about relationships and social media. Have you ever wondered how your girl got pissed with you and broke up with you over a post? It’s pointless. Get rid of your girl or your social media presence. I am not sure you can have them together. The first goal of social media is to allow the government agencies to track your BS. The second use is to break up relationships. Be careful.

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