Everyone That Wrote A Hetero Autobiography #TNNS511

Episode #511 French And Mack get lifted before the show. And they immediately start philosophizing about the agenda to convert the world to homosexuality. I am not sure this is possible. Especially since this has existed as far back as we have history. Does homo = soft? Of course not. But these dudes are trying to sell that idea. To be fair, shows like Yo Gabba Gabba certainly doesn't promote the building blocks for testosterone. Speaking of entertainment, if you were to write your autobiography, are you writing in yours that you are homosexual? Prior to this episode, I would have promised you that all of our hosts would not. Yet, when asked to list in appreciating order the level from gay to straight, all of us didn't end up at straight.

Being outside of the Western Hemisphere has given Reggy new perspective as to how the world sees black people. We are an export. Well, at least our culture is. So much so, that French believes that Americas greatest export is black culture. I can agree that it isn't hard to find an asian kid online saying the N Word around his other Asian friends. Not to mention that Asians still wear Jinco Jeans and Hammer pants.Anyone care to ask why all we have is culture to export? Especially since you cant sell culture.


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