Everybody Had Roaches #TNNS505

Episode #505

Jaye Smooth can’t be a regular guy. Our last female guest escaped unscathed...or so we thought. The entire show, Smooth was all in the camel toe. He believes that he really has a chance with her. He is willing to bet Jamie Mack’s money that he can smash within 4 dates. That is a challenge for any woman. He loves the submission. Most guys don’t like aggressive women including Mack. I’m this episode we uncovered the traumatic experience that led to him hating women with public hair. 

Mack wants to know which racial or gender group has it the worst in 2019. Jaye Smooth shows why he will forever be an ally. His favorite holiday is Milk day. 

Obviously, as a hetero black male, I choose black men. We beat the torch for men. So while women were getting taken care of and the alphabet people get protected, men are in the wilderness. Sadly, we have softened to compliance. Fine are the days of ceremonial introductions to manhood. What are our rites of passage? 

Jamie Mack has been avoiding this moment for years. He and I finally battle in music trivia. Let him tell it, I have been avoiding him. Good luck, Mack.

Smooth wants to discuss how different it was being a kid in the 70s, 80s, and 90s. On this show a few weeks ago we discussed how my kids had never mopped until they got their first job. How in the world could the kids of today be any better than they are. It is unbelievable that my kids have never lived with roaches. Roaches still exist, right? Do you remember when there was no A/C in cars? Do you remember when you used to get left in a hot car in the summertime while your mother was shopping? Do you remember having to wear shoes from Richway, Zayre, or Kmart? Most importantly, do you remember when EVERYONE had roaches?


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