You are currently viewing Eric Garner’s Two Choices: Stand For His Rights Or Lay Down For His Life #TNNS38

Eric Garner’s Two Choices: Stand For His Rights Or Lay Down For His Life #TNNS38

Lil Wayne wants off Cash Money.
Rich Humans prepare for a mad dash to Mars.
Debate about human rights when it comes to the Pantaleo killing of Eric Garner.
Should marijuana be legalized in America?

Jaye Smooth prevents a proper intro to the show and immediately breaks into an episode of anger. He is upset that everyone else is caught up on current events. He blames his ignorance on being sick and not even seeing a TV screen or listening to a radio broadcast in over a week.

Goose joins the show and provides the perfect colorful addition to this show’s topics.

Lil Wayne tries to distance himself from Cash money but Jamie Mack feels like kissing Baby ties him in deeper. Can he get Alimony after the breakup? Does the continuance of the black-owned label failing hurt black business in whole?

No one wants to join NASA on Mars. Well, Jaye Smooth wants to go and then come right back. But he likes riding on Space Planes. Goose is hesitant due to the inability to find Malaysia flight 6514351.

Charles Barkley once again gets to chime in on political events. Why do people keep bringing this guy on their news broadcast?

Where does everyone stand on the Officer Pantaleo killing Eric Garner? We listen to Ed Mullins the President of the Sergeants Benevolent Association. He gives a unique and self-proclaimed unpopular opinion about how the result of the case was the correct one.

This sparks debate among the hosts about whether or not inalienable rights should be thrown out of the window when confronted with a potentially aggressive police officer. Should you stand for your rights or lay down for your life?

Also, we discuss the part marijuana plays in self-healing. Will weed be legalized in the foreseeable future in any of the bible belt states? Jamie Mack and Goose present their case for positive uses and support for legalization. Jaye Smooth and B Honest weigh in on things staying the same....


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