Erection is Not the Root of Resurrection #TNNS486

Episode #486

Jaye Smooth thought he was going with my wife and I out of town. Not so much, Smooth. His intention is to go there and get someone pregnant. The benefit is that he can be free and clear of child support because he won't be using his real name. He has also figured out his weight problem. Too many chicks give him compliments. As soon as women stop checking for him, he feels like he will take care of his weight.

Kit and I are proud this week. A few years ago, we started one of our young ones on the road to credit worthiness. And now, she is the proud owner of her own car. Totally financed and insured by her. We get to sit back and enjoy some of these adult years after all. Based on that, we feel like financial experts. Meanwhile we learn that Jaye Smooth may be contributing to the delinquency of his kid's future credit.

Jamie Mack calls in to give us the news about being a granddad. Live from Sac-Town, he has to check in. He missed us. Too bad he was high...because he let Smooth talk...and talk...

Smooth really wants to know if men can be faithful. every now and then he gets the urge to question his future. Will he be alone in his gray grayer years? Kit continues to expose the issue with us being friends. Mind you, we recorded this just after easter. Wait until you hear how he uses erection in a sentence.


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