You are currently viewing Erectile Dysfunction…The Soft Truth#TNNS69 with our guest, Redd

Erectile Dysfunction…The Soft Truth#TNNS69 with our guest, Redd

Friendly Advice: Bullying
Redd vs Jaye Smooth in TNNS Trivia
ADHD medicine causes impotence
Weight loss contest
School teachers showing up for a check

Does anyone else agree that Jaye Smooth is a walking pudgy ball of contradiction? He begins the show calling K Michelle a bully for attacking Tamar Braxton. Within 5 sentences, he admits to bullying people all of the time. Somewhere along the way, he sort of gives a positive message about not listening to people’s negative comments. He wants everyone, including Tamar Braxton, to keep their heads up.

This episode pits our guest, Redd, and Jaye Smooth against each other in a spelling bee. Last episode, Jaye thought he won. Sorry for the confusion…He didn’t.

First topic? Jamie Mack reminisces about days of impotence due to ADD pills. He challenges everyone to tell their stories of soft wee wee. Why is it that Jamie Mack always wants to talk about embarrassing moments? And why does he always want us to join in and embarrass ourselves?  For a good laugh, call Jamie Mack!!!

Next, I try to bring up a serious topic…Jaye Smooth sabotages the topic and drags me into an argument about who is the most overweight. I can’t believe he pulled me down to a twenty minute argument about this. In the end, we are betting 200 dollars that I will lose more weight than him between now and our birthdays (end of July).

Next Jaye Smooth tries to bring up how different teachers are these days as opposed to back in our days of school. Showing up for a paycheck? Letting the kids run the class? No discipline? Too young? What do you think the reason is? I force the topic to a systemic cause. As usual, Jaye buckles on his own topic. Payback is a beeyotch!...


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