You are currently viewing The Energizer Orgasm #TNNS206

The Energizer Orgasm #TNNS206

The Energizer Orgasm #TNNS206

Two shows in a row, we submit to ADHD. This show does not get off of the ground. But that doesn't mean it isn’t hilarious. We briefly talk about sexual chemistry between the sexes, give our checklist on when chicks are faking orgasms, and how pumped up and energized I get after orgasming.

Did I mention that Jaye Smooth likes extra sugar coffee and he knows a person named Sugar Man from his old neighborhood? Totally random, but I needed that to be in print somewhere on the internet.

Finally, we get 5 minutes into Jamie Mack’s topic before falling away into the abyss. His topic is about people eating food that has had flies land on it. I am far too rich to eat fly flood. But it is worth the conversation. Jaye Smooth can’t resist talking about the roaches that he grew up with. He still keeps in touch with many of these roaches....


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