Elvis Was A Hero To Most #TNNS453

Elvis Was A Hero To Most #TNNS453

Episode #453

What came first? Good sex life or Good Life? Most people fell ilke getting a good foundational life under your feet will promote a healthy sex life. I agree, but there is just somethings about that post sex feeling that can have you climbing buildings.

Mack, Smooth, and French all have the ability to see themselves living someone else's life. From Bond to Brooks. If they were in a movie, the homies can see themselves being them. I am a little more complex. I really can't see pretending to be someone sold to me in a movie. I'm on my Public Enemy. Elvis was a hero to most but he never meant shift to me.

I am far more concerned with living up to my parents' expectations. I have a revelation on the show that I most likely have not yet lived up to their expectations. This must be why I am so driven and anal. My cohosts make me feel really bad when they admit that they have far exceeded their expectations. Oh well..I live on and suffer hoping one day to shine in my parents expected glory.


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