Either You Settle Or You Share…Or Both #TNNS418

Episode #418

Today’s show is brought to you by the status quo. Why is it that men can be single and 40 and be considered the most eligible bachelor? However, a 40 year old woman with no kids and no man is a failure? No matter how much she has going for her in every other aspect of her life? For years women have been told that they should be cute and get a good man.

Where do you stand on this? What happens when you don't want to share or settle?

We open up the conversation to our slack listeners and live show room. They do not disappoint. Come in. Sit down and find your place in this debate.

If you feel up to it, comment on it. You can do it anonymously (or not) here: https://nononsenseshow.com/contact-us...


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