Eating Fried Chicken at the Fried Rice Spot #TNNS498

Episode #498

Jaye Smooth is missing French Reggy. He uses our intro of this show to express this. However, he can't help but turn the adoration into abuse. He figures that Reggy hasn't smashed any fried rice. He has probably only smashed some regular old fried chicken.

Jamie Mack wants to know what it is like to have a vagina...

No punchline. It is what it is.

Anyway, he also wants to know if we were women whether or not we would be bisexual. If you are confused about this, you are not alone. I wrote these show notes 4 days later and I am still not sure I understand. But...What's better than old head? Head during a Pinky vs Jasmine Cashmere fellatio contest.


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