Easy Credit Rip Offs, Good Times #MLL035

Easy Credit Rip Offs, Good Times #MLL035
Music Love Life

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Episode #35

Christal is the only one impressed with Drake’s Scorpion attempt, Kevin gives a Kanye shrug, but B-Honest still won’t get back on the light-skinned bandwagon.

The show welcomes credit/financial advisor Tami Goodwin to share secrets on fixing your credit score and financial wisdom. Christal admits committing some huge faux pas when it comes to her finances and an unlimited amount of Jordans. Goodwin agrees to give advice for ppl in their 20’s, 30’s & 40’s as long as B-Honest behaves. Because he gets an A on his credit report, B-Honest curbs his usual antics and claims Goodwin is his favorite guest. Both Goodwin and B-Honest fear making Dave Ramsey mad with their advice on creditworthiness.

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