Dystopian Minutiae #TNNS508

Dystopian Minutiae #TNNS508

Dystopian Minutiae #TNNS508
The No Nonsense Show

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Episode #508

Jamie Mack played a game in elementary school where he would have the little girls try to win a bet by touching their elbows together behind their back. If you know what that means, you may be a pervert. Hang on to a piece of driftwood and follow me downstream.

Jamie Mack may also be the only person that uses weird words like driftwood in sentences. Ever since earning his doctorate right here on the No Nonsense Show, he has upped the ante on hundred dollar words. My wood doesn’t drift, it is eucalyptus wood from the plentiful forests of Japan.

Anyway, I am trying to tell Jamie Mack about a show I have been watching. It takes place in the near dystopian future. Jaye Smooth, opposite to Mack, is not so comfortable with hundred dollar words. So we must pause to float him back upstream to learn about Utopia and Dystopia; About Minutia and minute; And how minute /mīˈn(y)o͞ot/ is different from minute /minit/. This doesn’t go too well, but inadvertently, Smooth gets a little fatter with knowledge.

Ultiamtely, Jamie Mack wants to know how we would react if after falling in love with someone, we learn that they have an STD. How in love? How bad of an STD? If you thought about either of these questions, you are nasty. Hahahahaha!

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