Dumb Double Down #TNNS419

Episode #419

There is no let up once the village fool starts down a path. Jamie Mack and I try to talk him away from the trigger. But he keeps firing. Please always listen to the disclaimer at the top of the show. This isn't the first time I have tried to help him work through his anger. It didn't work then or now. I tried to lay a plan for him many years ago. He is so far from that. I condone any smoke that comes his way.

Coincidentally, Smooth's topic was about realization. He wants to talk about internalization and repair. Too bad you can't see my face right now. Trust me, it is scrunched up. I am so confused. I don't understand what his motivation is for all of this vitreal. By the end of his topic, guess what changed?

French Reggy wants to talk about the mid-life crisis. Why do we men act like teenagers in the middle of our lives? Convertibles, skinny jeans, and young mistresses. Are you the old dude in the club?



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