You are currently viewing Dudes That Look Like Kim K #TNNS187

Dudes That Look Like Kim K #TNNS187

Dudes That Look Like Kim K #TNNS187

Jaye Smooth tells us about his recent visit to the dentist office. His normal dentist was busy so he went with the guy that wanted to use power tools on his mouth. Between that and the time the dentist had the long needle that touched his nerve, we stop him from the hijack.

We were supposed to be talking about something we would change about our past. Jamie Mack would have done better in school and gone to college. Not for the degree or the learning. He wanted to join a frat and party. Jaye wants to change everything. We have to roleplay on his previous car buying process.

I learn that I am actually white because I have never missed or paid half on a payment for any bill. My co-hosts have written me off and my ghetto pass was revoked. Jaye Smooth and Jamie Mack teach us how to trick the system.

Jaye And Jamie battle in No Nonsense Trivia.

Jamie Mack wants to know if knowledge makes you miserable. Also, how does religion play a part in this? We pull our Ecclesiastes out and discuss whether the bible got it right on this one. Jaye Smooth uses this opportunity to let us know that this is the mantra he lives by. Keep it on the surface and be happy.

Next, I want to discuss how every woman and some men are all running out to get surgery to look like Kim Kardashian. My concern is if you are attracted to a person that went and got surgery to look like Kim K, how does it factor out if the person ends up being a guy? What are the limits on all of this? Can we go back to women just lying about their height with heels? What about just a little makeup? At some point, men and women will all look the same since they are getting the same surgeries. So who will you be attracted to?...


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