Dove Can Clean The Black Off Of You #TNNS329

Episode #329

We can’t get through the intro without a little Smooth Slander. Well, not slander. We are actually concerned that his testosterone injections may be dangerous to his health. Is Smooth in a full out identity crisis without the aid of his go-to attribute?

Jamie Mack is not ready for the Tech Revolt. He swears that it is only a matter of time before people reject their smart devices and unplug. I don’t think this is possible. I stand by my opinion that our devices are “too big to fail” at this point. we have integrated these things into our lives. The only way forward is forward. French Reggy thinks technology is out working us and will be too far ahead for us to ever catch up. I hold firmly to the belief that we humans will always have the upper hand.

Ending the show, we discuss Cam Newton’s recent submission to the loud left. Social justice warriors are watching and want his apology. Please tuck your tail and bow before us or risk losing all endorsements. I completely understand. But it doesn't make it right. The warriors are a little silly with the rules they cast on everyone. But here is where I agree with them…Dove set up an ad campaign showing off their soaps ability to clean the black off of you. What does that even mean?...


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