Double(Dutch) Standards #TNNS350

Episode #350

You made it through Christmas. Congratulations! Now back to your normal awful life. We hope you got everything you wanted and at least one person you know charged their credit card to its capacity. Here’s to a 317 credit score. Jamie Mack is giving up on Christmas. He is feeling like this is his last year trying to force the holiday spirit. Jaye Smooth traveled out of town, but Kit was available to fill in. Now that she is here, let’s find out why she didn’t put up our tree this year.

Either way, we bought a bottle of Remy and we are toasting to another year of health and happiness. We spend a little time addressing last week’s smoothie simping by Twin. We are going to need a full statement and pledge of un-allegiance.

Jamie Mack wants to know how far we would go for revenge…If we knew we wouldn't get caught. This is a tough call. As a person whose moral character is probably top ten in the world, I feel I have a responsibility to lead the world. No one else is with it. I will need to start sleeping with one eye open.

The climate of the world has begun to change. These days, it is nothing to see your favorite actor or musician fighting for their lives about a deviant sexual interaction. But we look awkward after being called out…like a straight dude trying to double dutch. You brace for one rope and the next one swings around before you can get your hop. It is obvious to anyone who is connected to the earth that the poles are flipping. In effect, women are starting to make their move for gender dominance. That being said, we discuss the worst double standards against men. Seemingly, we have been the loser of many double standards since the first time a caveman hit a woman in the head and claimed his prize. It has gotten to the point now that we are just trying to get in where we fit. We are ill-equipped. We can’t get the rhythm of the ropes....


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