Door Dash A Beating Baby Heart

Episode #524 Jamie Mack has done literally everything. Not only was he a swimmer, he was a wrestler. He actually said the word singlet. All I know is that at some point, there was a boy breathing heavily in his ear.

Jaye Smooth cant let the past go. Believe it or not, he is trying to find women he went to elementary school with. To talk? To catch up with? Nope! To smash. Talk about going a long way back to live out your glory days. Recently, he has hit a new stride with anal intercourse. He has discovered that he likes it and apparently he knows a lot of black women that love it. He plans on making it a part of his arsenal. But fellas, please remember that you cant just switch mid stroke from P to A. You must get consent for the pink and also for the stink. Especially if you have a Mackzilla!

There is a company that will deliver fast and fresh baby hearts for your laboratory needs. We are building the perfect human and we need you baby to do it. Technology needs babies. If your baby passed, would you honor the baby by making them a part of scientific development or *whiny voice* do you want a open casket funeral?

Door Dash A Beating Baby Heart #TNNS524


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