Don’t Take The Babies’ Christmas

Don't Take The Babies' Christmas

Episode #553 One day before Christmas and what have we done? We probably spent most of our disposable income on gifts for ungrateful people. That is just the Scrooge in me. Mack calls it out when he asks the age that I got my last gift for Christmas to gauge when we should stop buying our kids Christmas gifts. i am an old man. That is too many moons ago.

Murphy’s Law happened to this episode. We apologize for the poor audio quality. Mack and Smooth had emergencies that keep them out of the studio and the WiFi Gods did not treat us kindly. Maybe we need to sacrifice a piece of Smooth next time. However, please accept our apology for the sound quality and in-cohesiveness. We will return on the other side with a much better offering.

Don’t Take The Babies’ Christmas #TNNS553

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