Don’t Take Movie Advice From Jamie Mack

Episode #520 Sometimes training wheels are worse for your bike. Much like Jamie Mack and myself. When we take the third wheel off, we get farther down the highway. Or down the pool? Mack has had many jobs in many different industries. However, we didn't know he was the captain of his high school swim team.Whats the opposite of heterosexual? Being the captain of the swim team.

If you like our Tuesday show, You will love our Friday show. ADHD is back as our guest. And he is rampant.

Jamie Mack is tired of hearing about recent arrests of people claiming that they were about to shoot a public place up. Have there been so many? I guess I need to read the newspaper more often. Is it possible that because of the social media police, we are catching people earlier in the process. So what if they decided not to do it at the last moment? Back in the day, we wouldn't have known. But now they are arrested on suspicion to commit a crime. Here we come thought-crime.

Mack tries his hardest to prove he is good at recommending movies. He has been spicy lately because he thinks I am alone in my judgement of his abilities. So we get to the bottom of it.

Don't Take Movie Advice From Jamie Mack #TNNS520


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