Don’t Snitch, Whoop RICO

Episode #528 Are you slutty? Are you vegan? Are you willing to stand in line to get a plant based or impossible burger? I can’t reconcile spending 3 hours in a line to get a non-burger. Smooth did. Mack did. Honest won’t. I like traditional red meat. 

Don’t be a snitch. Or actually don’t do a crime. Why is it that people are not willing to actually take accountability for what they have done? Is snitching normalized? Can you snitch and then live a normal life? Some of our hood heroes are well known documented snitches. So are we ready to call out EVERYONE? We have always been a planet of snitches. But the only way to beat your RICO case is that no one snitches.

Don't Snitch, Whoop RICO #TNNS528


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