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Don’t Look Under That Blanket

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Don't Look Under That Blanket

The No Nonsense Show Episode #685

Jamie Mack had a flashback to his early days of alternative thinking. He was disrespected in the grocery store parking lot and let his anger get the best of him. It ended with him spitting on someone’s property and peeling out with little care in the world. His only concern was that he may have passed them the Delta Variant. Not that people have died for less, but just that there were kids involved and he could have given them germs. Nice!

Speaking of Covid…where are we on this? The media is preaching that the delta variant is even scarier than the original mix. Smooth has decided to get the vax. Reggy already has it. That only leaves Mack and I to fight the “good” fight. Who even knows wha tis bad or good anymore. It is so hard to trust anything that anyone says.

French plays us a cli from Alex Jones predicting this global pandemic in 2018. He is sure that it is a chance to usher in a one world government. Maybe so. But in the meantime, can you handle another shutdown? Will people go for that again?

Simone Biles has been getting much pressure from her decisions to step down from one of her events. She had been touted as the greatest ever and recently, there have been some really terrible remarks about her character. Meanwhile, there are many people on the other side go extremely overboard on support for her. But what if there was actually a good reason that she bowed out?

Political correctness has made its way to the hood as DaBaby has come out and apologized for his disparaging remarks. It is amazing how vigilant people get for insensitive comments about people but not for murderous ones. Which type is worse? Clearly, we have our social barometer in a spin.

Don’t Look Under That Blanket #TNNS685

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